Monday, May 24, 2010

I need to be organized, but like it to be pretty

I've been in a crafting and organizing mood lately. I carry a fairly organized purse and often carry a tote bag with some essentials that I can swap out as needed.  There are some examples that I was able to "prettify" with a single quilt square of fabric and a little ribbon.  Clockwise from the top: baby wipe case, 1/2 size binder from Target), embellished file folders, and coupon organizer.
My next goal is make a biby item organizer bag (before my second grandson is born) and to organize a weekday pocket, weekend pocket, and a travel pocket that I can interchange in the same tote.  

I admit that the craft room/ home office/laundry/mud room is out of control.  It's not been easy to design a space where I can craft in peace.  That may be a good project for the hottest days of the summer when I'm stuck in the cool house.

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Adrienne said...

These are adorable!