Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm back after Cuba and a Wedding!

Life has been busy, but wonderful.  so wonderful that it's been hard to find time to jot everything down.  I recently got a fantastic opportunity to visit our sister church in Holguin Province, Cuba.  I had been praying for this since last August when we applied for our visa.  Many visa have been denied prior to and after my visit, but miraculously the doors were opened for our small caravan.  I have so much to tell you about Cuba and the wonderful people.  I will be posting a blog or two about the trip on my other blog, Letters for Posterity very soon.

A week ago, my husband walked our little girl, Emily, down the isle to her sweetheart of 4 years.  They are both 21 and gorgeous.  TJ, our new son, could hardly contain his emotion as she approached.  Emily and I had been working diligently on all the details to make this day perfect.  At that moment, none of that mattered any more.  It appears that all the guys that stood up with TJ including his brothers and our son, Tony, were all moved to tears.
The day flew by, but the entire week held lots of laughs, dancing, and some wonderful moments that I'll cherish forever. 
If you'd like to see more photos, the photographer has posted the engagement photos and a few teaser wedding photos on her blog.

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