Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After 10+ extremely dry days and heat in the mid 90's, last evening I had my whole family over for a dinner of their favorite french dip sandwiches. The only better thing than having happy family around is having rain during dinner. It's been so very dry. My corn that is just getting tassels was turning yellow. My lamb's ear was flat on the ground and I couldn't hand water fast enough. As we sat down to eat the sky opened and it rained, it poured!

Today the garden is lively and the marigolds from seed have bloomed. The lambs ear is standing up like a smile.

As I sit here typing on the love seat, I take a break to look out the window, I see something buzzing around the aloe flowers. It's a humming bird! Te first one I've ever seen in my garden in the 20 years I've lived here.

Today I'm thanking God for rain, for the possom my Aussie pulled out from under the gazebo yesterday (it played dead), for family, and for humming birds.

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Dirt Princess said...

Thank goodness for the rain. We need a good rain once a week. It is supposed to rain here today