Friday, April 24, 2009

Organizing a Busy Office

I am the Administrative Assistant at my church and love it here. Not one of those churches that's only open on Sunday; one that is hopping with people day and evening. We're in such a great place - seated between a high school and a middle school with two elelmentary schools in walking distance. I love kids and enjoy seeing families worshiping together, so this is a perfect job for me. My boss is a great guy; the founder of this church 11 years ago. He's very drivien and is always trying to look at the work we do from new perspectives.

I sometimes begin to feel weighed down by my work, especially when I start to get unorganized. I get so much joy working in nice environment that I made it my goal to change my office envoronment; right down to the work on my desk.

  • I cleaned up the desk area and ask my dear hubby, the Frenchman, to build the tiny fountain that has been trapped in a box under my desk for at least a year.

  • I scanned all the paper that I needed to file (I admit - I hate paper) into my computer.

  • I created a binder. I admit that I hated binder and was a die hard folder girl for years. Binders seemed too large and hard ot manage. I imagine that the binder I made is a "comand central" type binder. I started to catagorize the tasks that come across my desk during a normal week. I even left room for weeks when there are more than a few events going on around here.

  • I got down to work with a new joy and thought I would share the new photos of my desk (as opposed to Monday's desk).

Next...I'm thinking about attacking my home office/craft room :)

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Dirt Princess said...

And after you get done with your house...come to mine :). Great job!