Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need some cottage ideas

I'm stuck about what else to do in my garden. I have sort of a clean but comfortable taste. My dining room might be a good example of my style. I love to see white in the garden, but right now it's so plain. I'm on a budget, but have a handy Frenchman who can build anything. I have some white flowers to plant int he area between the garden two windows (there's already a tree gardenia there). I, some day, would like to replace the window on the left with yet another french door to the patio. (As you can see, there's a new roof in our near future). I also have this great gas fire pit that I haven't been using in the screened room because the grandbaby and dogs get too close to it. I also have a very ugly little shed. The flower boxes rotted and fell off last year, so my Frenchman rebuilt he shed sans flower boxes. We've neglected the bromiliads to the right of the shed and also need some new shade loveing zone 9 plants.
Do you have any ideas? I'd love to hear them.


Lisa said...

You should faux paint the shed, maybe fake garden tools leaning on the door, window boxes, faux trim on the doors, vines growing on it and faux flowers in pots on eith side of the door. You'll have color all year long!
xo Li

Dirt Princess said...

Vonnie first of all I LOVE your new layout. It is GREAT! I can give you a few pointers for things to grow, but I am in Mobile, and you are in Florida and its like 2 different worlds. Check with these bloggers that do live in Florida:



Here is the link to Floridata. They are very helpful: