Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring in the Garden

Today is the first day of planting in the new organic garden. It's been many years since I slowed down and decided it was time to plant again. The fire ants had run me off for several years, but this year is different. I don't intend to let them stop me. I have a one year old grandson that I want to share the garden with. Thankfully we had a few hard frosts this winter and that will help control fire ants and mosquitoes this year. We're trying something new this year on the fire ants; grits. Yes, the grits that southern people eat for breakfast. Apparently fire ants eat them and can't digest them. I know it sounds cruel, but fire ants can really injure children and I'm not taking any chances with my grandson.

Today we uncovered the plot we'd be solarizing (covered with black plastic to kill of fungus and nematodes) to reveal the snow white sand that fills our back yard and we amended the soil with some organic loam. We planted pre-started tomatoes, okra, and lavender and some radish seeds in our first row. We'll eventually have three rows, but we're starting small.

We're beginning to enjoy our big backyard again. We have a pond in view these days, birds, and squirrels for the baby to watch. Hanging out in the back yard and family & friends on the back porch, I can't think of a better way to spend these beautiful days before it gets too hot to be outside.


Dirt Princess said...

GRITS! Pretty cool. Fire ants seek me out in my yard and attack me! I will definitely try this

Dirt Princess said...

Grits...how interesting! I hate fire ants...the seek me out in the garden and attack me!

Central FLA Gardener said...

good luck, yvonne! make sure to mulch those radishes heavily. they'll grow quickly, but if the soil is too well drained, they'll split. you should be able to get one harvest out of them before they get too spicy to enjoy.

now's the time to think about pole beans & cucumbers.

Lisa said...

Wow, sounds great! I just cleaned up & mulched my garden for Spring. Hopefully we'll have some steady rain to keep the water bill down.
I love tomatoes and basil in the summer. I've had lots of lettuce in the past too, just clip off what you need and more grows. Have fun!