Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Good Life

Often, I day dream about the life I hope to have, when the kids a grown (ok, they are grown), when the bills are paid off (God willing some day), when we have more time...

I'm working to live the life I love - right here and now.

These are some things that make my life one that I love; right now (my top 20 in no particular order):
  • Family (Especially my Frenchman, our grandbaby, my sisters - big sis & my twin sis)

  • The little toad that lives in our vegetable garden
  • LL Bean Flannel PJs
  • Google - makes me look smarter than I am
  • My Palm Centro with bible reader, pocket tunes, and audible audio books.
  • Singing silly songs and laughing out loud
  • Our dogs
  • Flagler Ave Coffee & News in New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Motorcycle rides with my Frenchman
  • Travel to new places and places I love to see again and again
  • A house full of friends
  • Dark Chocolate, skittles, real licorice, chocolate covered gummy bears, and snickers.
  • New - Water view from my back door
  • Early mornings alone with God

  • Camping at Disney, Mi-ti-jo in New Hampshire, almost anywhere
  • Lee's fried chicken livers (I know I lost you on that one!)
  • MAC lipstick
  • Ikea coffee
  • Tivo-like DVR - my new discovery and time saver

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