Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a tree hugger

I've always been a little green - not the color, the attitude. When I was a young mother, I couldn't imagine giving my kids anything unhealthy. I was known for my "honey, molasses, bran, lecithin" type cookies. My family tells me that even the dog wouldn't eat them. I made this attempt too difficult - I planned to plant and can everything we ate. I didn't succeed. Hundreds of pounds of sugar later, my kids are still fine.

Recently, I've begun to simplify my life; cleaning out and giving away, palnning to own just what I need, planning to make the things I own last longer; appreciating what I have. Simplifying was a a natural progression for me since I got my spiritual life in order. I NEED LESS to be happy. I now recycle more and live a life that's more in balance with the world. The more I learn about our overconsumption and how it affects others and the earth we live in, the more intent I am to increase my awareness of our impact on the world.

A recent trip to Maine and the White Mountains of New Hampshire confirmed for me that now I am more and more my true self.

My inspiration today:
The Lord God put the man in the garden of Eden to care for it and work it. - Genesis 2:15

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