Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do You Remember When

My friend, Sandy, and I got talking about some of these great memories that we share. If you're older than 35, then you might remember some of these things, too.

  • Ray Steven's songs like "Spider & Snakes" and "The Streak"

  • The first solar calculator (it was the size of a laptop!)

  • Black & White TV (The Munsters, I love Lucy)

  • Playing outside until the street lights came on

  • Orange Crush in the bottle (sometimes from a machine where you had to pull the bottle out)

  • The Jackson Five cartoons

  • Our form of texting the neighborhood kids: Knocking on thier bedroom window.

  • Handwriting class

  • Using the oven for afternoon snacks (what microwave?)

  • Your first bag of microwave popcorn

  • American Bandstand on Saturday morning (until noon when you had to clean your room).

  • Walking the neighborhood to find friends.

  • Candy: Bottle Caps, dippers, licorice ropes, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Good & Plendies, Mike & Ikes, Zero bars, Laffy Taffy, Fruit Stipe Gum and Black Jack Gum, and Bubble Gum with a cartoon inside.

  • Cracker Jacks with a toy inside

  • Sunday drives with your family that usually ended at the icecream stand.

  • $1 movies

  • Tigerbeat Magazine

  • Aren't they times when you here "Blinded by the Light" or some other summer song and you're instantly brought back to a hot summer day.

I know some of this may sound like I'm very old to some of you - but to those who share my memories - Here's to YOU!

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Dirt Princess said...

Razzles are STILL my favorite candy! I can only find them at Fred's dollar store. They are $1 for 3 packs...I stock up on them when I go :)