Saturday, July 26, 2008

Angel Food Coop Trial Run

Today I ventured out to pick up my very first Angel Food order. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Angel Food is a coop that allows anyone to buy units of food, starting with a basic box of food for $30. It's distributed through a non-profit organization and handed out by volunteers. here's what the order looked like when I recieved it. Everthing appears to be great quality. The people a the church where picked it up were really great, too.
I opted to add two optional boxes, one with meat and the other fresh vegetables.
All of this was just $66!
With some recipes from my favorite food site and a few things like bread and cheese. This is really going to stretch my budget.

Thanks to the genuis behind the program an the folks at Christ Comunity Church in Deland.

I've already started planning for next month's order of the basic order, grill box, and vegetable/fruit box. I've collected some recipes together of recipezaar if you're interested. Here it is:

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